If you are a woman who wanted to start a blog using the wordpress blog themes and choose to have a feminine touch, I am pretty sure you might be looking for a great feminine aura on your website.

Most of the time, If I am looking for any images that would fit my  wordpress blog themes, I make sure that I do not put images that just have these super clean-cut people in front of a white background, which we called them “Cheesy”. But some, of course, apply for websites that are in the Marketing Niche.

I think using cheesy images seemed so old school, stale, and boring. So I seldom use cheesy stock photos for my website design projects.

In my wordpress blog themes, since I am catering services for female bloggers and entrepreneurs. I would like to add a more feminine touch to my images.

So I have compiled and researched some places from the internet where you can get free styled stock photos that you can use for your blog and creative projects.

Here are my top 10 free-feminine stock images and their websites links to help you – the woman entrepreneur, blogger, and creative professional – easily and affordably create gorgeous graphics that will captivate your ideal clients.

“Create a beautiful brand that will capture the attention of your clients and make them see the value of your work

When you first created a blog, you might have struggled with what theme and images you should use to your blog to make it more attractive to visitors. Blog themes and designs depend on what kind of blog you are going to write, or you could also design your blog harmonizing with your personality. If you are a type of person who wants a feminine touch to their blog, then you’ve got the right place to help you with your concern.

When I first made my blog, I made sure that themes and picture would fit well with what I have tried to portray. Aside from this, I also think about my audience. If you are a blog writer and want to do that for business, you don’t just go simply for what you want. You think of what could hook your audience’s attention.

Be reminded that when you started to create your blog, don’t just go for “anything” themes. You have to think about it. That is part of marketing strategy that you should acquire. If you are going to write travel blogs, it would be futile to use chic and feminine themes. Search for travel pictures, and adventurous themes.

If you are going to feminine-style blogs, you could find here great ideas to beautify your blog for free! Here are some of the stock image companies that you can look out for when searching for great images you can use your website.

Envato Elements are full of creative images from various photographers. Those photographers are truly talented and creative. They are offering 200,000+ photos. From these wide ranges of photos from Envato Element. Even though this website is professional for taking their photos, they are professional enough to generously give their photos.


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