User interface and design and interactive blog theme play an important role in the success of any website. On average, users won’t spend more than eight seconds if the website interface looks poor and clumsy. For the bloggers who ignore the UI and look of the website; here are some useful reasons that signify the need to beautify your blog to increase conversions.


Keep the blog theme Simple:

If you complex website design with loads of information, users will get irritated. This eventually results in low conversion rate. Use hover tags, drop down menus, etc. and prefer simple look for the website homepage. All the popular websites like Google, Facebook, etc. use the same strategy. Their simplicity and easy to use interface are the main reasons for their success. The first impression will remain in users mind for a very long time and keep it simple.

Short Titles:

If you insert all the information within the titles, the information below the heading may seem repetitive. Titles and headings should be short in length. Always use catchy titles which immediately grab the attention of viewers. Never use misleading titles which may create a permanent bad impression in users mind about the website. Most of the bloggers use lots of tags, categories, and long titles, etc. which is not so appealing from the website viewer’s point of view.

Easy Navigation on the blog theme:

The website may contain loads of information. However, the viewer should have the flexibility to jump from one web page to another seamlessly. Using search bars, organizing the menu and data, updating the database time to time, etc. This will make the website navigation better and this reduces viewer’s time and effort to jump from one page to other. This will surely have a positive impact on viewers. Moreover,  immensely helps in converting occasional viewers to regular viewers.


Don’t flood your website with tons of images, banners, adverts and fancy offers. While including images on the website make sure that the meta information, alt tags, etc. are in sync with the website. Also, check whether the color theme of images match with the website or not. All the images should fit properly within the layout of the website. Always prefer high-resolution images. Never use blur or copy-righted images. Doing so will lead to unnecessary hassles.

Use Sidebars Effectively:

Most of the bloggers use sidebars to create a list of updated posts. This is a nice approach until and unless the list becomes so long. If you regularly update your blog, minimize the list month-wise. Highlight recent updates only. Some bloggers use sidebars to generate ad-revenue which is not a good idea to implement. Ads in sidebars will not only make your blogs look cheap but also annoy viewers with irrelevant information.

Graphics Animations in the blog theme:

Using graphics and animations up to some extent is fine. However, if the website is filled with these fancy gimmicks, users will get offended soon. Blogs and websites filled with such type of animations take much time to load. Hence, the viewers using slow internet connection will get irritated for sure. Graphics and animations may increase the beauty of the blog or website. However, the website designer should use them cautiously, that too wherever necessary.


Most of the bloggers depend on ads to generate revenue, and there is nothing wrong in it. But the blogger should take care so that the ads present won’t disturb users. Also, remember not to cluster all the ads at one place and spread the ads evenly throughout the website. Users won’t get offended if the ads are relevant to the content. The blogger should carefully select the category of ads.


Viewers always encourage creative designs and new concepts. Never hesitate to try your own creative ideas and get inspiration from successful website designs. Search for layouts, color themes, designs, backgrounds. All these things play an important role in creating a visually appealing blog. Don’t change these parameters from webpage to webpage. Follow the same theme throughout the blog. Update website design from time to time and be creative while adapting to new changes.

Mobile Friendly:

Some websites look extremely good while viewing on bigger screens. The same website may look stupid when browsing on mobile phone or tablet. As smartphones became accessible to poor, it became compulsory to keep your website or blog mobile friendly. Keep this in mind during the design stage itself so that you won’t face any complications afterward. Using multi-level menus, mobile-friendly content and testing the website performance on different smartphones and tablets will be surely effective in increasing conversions.

Be Smart:

You need to be smart to successfully maintain a blog or website for a long time. Keep an eye on the changes that are happening with the popular websites and update your website accordingly. There are tons of websites which lost their popularity in no time and try your level best to stand out from them. Spend a considerable amount of time, money and effort on research, and you will surely get benefitted.

All these tips will make your website look much better and also, indirectly increase the conversion rate. Implement all these simple tricks, and you will surely experience the viewership count going up in no time.


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