10 Wp-Plugins You Need For your WordPress Blog 

 Whether you are new to WordPress blog or you are a seasoned user of this amazing content management system. You always want to make sure that you are taking advantage of the multitude of plug-ins. They are out there to enhance your blog. Here are 10 WordPress plug-ins that you need for your site.


1. Monarch by DIVI Theme. 


The Best Social Media Sharing Plugin For WordPress. Social Media is the lifeblood that keeps the internet glowing. Social Sharing lets you harness that activity and use it as a positive force for your business.



  1. SEO by Squirrly


SEO by Squirrly. It provides a live keyword search that will tell you how competitive your keywords are. If you find keywords that you want to use. Squirrly will find images you can use that are copyright-free that you can pull into your article. It also helps you find tweets and other blogs that are relevant to your keyword. Hence, You can integrate your content with other related content that is out there on the web. The lets you see other related content around the web. You can insert those into your wordpress blog with footnotes and credits of course. But it is a great way to ensure that your site is relevant and cutting edge. The plugin is sort of like having an SEO expert sitting next to you at all times.


  1. Wp- Super Cache


This plugin will make your site load faster. One problem that a lot of small business websites have is that the pages are often not configured in such a way that they load fast. In the amount of time that it takes for your site to load, your customer might decide just to go to the search results and click on your competitors’ link because your page was taking too long to load. The Wp-Super Cache plugin will optimize your sites loading time.


  1. Really Simple Capture


This plugin helps reduce spamming of your contact form. It does this by requiring the user to prove they are not a machine. It is a great feature to add to your wordpress blog if you don’t have time to sift through a bunch of spam every day.


  1. Bbpress


This plugin easily lets you have a forum on your website. Ever wished you had a section on your wordpress blog that allows guest to have discussions? It is a great way for you and visitors to your site can interact. In addition to that, This is also a great way to ensure that there is fresh activity on your site at all times. Moreover, It is free, lightweight and easy to use and comes very highly recommended by those who have installed it.


  1. WpDiscuz


This plugin creates responsive comments form so that users can actually leave comments at the end of your wordpress blog posts. The comments box is fully integrated with major social media platforms. This is another plugin that is great for adding freshness, interactivity, and responsiveness to your site. Moreover, as you probably already know, WordPress does not have a very useful comments feature by default.




  1. Pop-up Domination for wordpress blog: 


This plugin allows you to easily create custom pop-ups that go well with the theme and feel of your website. The pop-ups can be used to add an opt-in feature to your site, for collecting visitor email data. This is very useful in helping you to develop a contact list which is an essential element to any online business.


  1. Anti-Spam


This is an anti-spam plugin that is free and gets rid of comment spam for good instantly as soon as it is installed. In addition to that, This plugin is lightweight and simple. Similarly, anti-spam plug-ins actually cost money and require regular administrative input from you. However, this one you simply install and you will never see spam in the comments section of your site ever again.




  1. WP Smush plugin for wordpress blog: 


The load time of your pages is very important. One thing that can slow the load time of your site is the amount of memory being used by your media files. Smush it compresses your media files so that they take up less memory and that will ultimately make your site move faster.






Rich Snippets plug-in. that is to say, Having rich snippets enabled for your site can make your site stand out in the Google search results. With this plug-in, you will be able to enter in your rich snippets data very easily for the different elements of your website. Not only will having rich snippets help you stand out better in search results but it is also going help improve your pages ranking in the results. In addition to that, it makes the information much more easily accessible for searchers.




Ultimately, unless you are able to all kinds of PHP coding on your own at lightning speed, you definitely want to take advantage of these plug-ins. Consequntly, you can enhance your website and make it my responsive and secure.




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