Maintaining WordPress blogs is convenient and easy. That is the reason why even those who didn’t have much experience in handling back-end of the websites. are also effectively handling WordPress websites these days. For the WordPress bloggers, here are some


tips to run your website successfully.


  • Firstly, Use a dedicated logo on your WordPress blog. To create better impact, place it in the top left corner.
  • Also, Several WordPress templates are available for free. Choose the one that best suits your requirements.
  • Colour theme of the website should match with the functionality of the website.
  • WordPress websites are convenient to use a lot of images. Use this functionality properly.
  • Use sharp images with high color contrast and high resolution. Blur and watermarked images will look cheap and awkward.
  • Updating your WordPress website is crucial to becoming popular and successful. Moreover, No user visits the website to see the same content twice.
  • Use favorite and featured icons on top. This will make the navigation better.
  • Use sidebars effectively and in WordPress blog, one can also choose from dynamic widgets and banners.
  • Fonts and font size also play an important role in website success. Also, Prefer fonts, text colors that are easy to read. Do some research on typography.
  • Moreover, Don’t forget to include your social media links. Make sure that all these accounts look professional.
  • Moreover for wordpress blogs: 

  • It is always a good idea to have your own brand instead of
  • Be careful while choosing your website domain name. Although, It should look professional but needs to be short.
  • Viewers must have the flexibility to share their opinion. Comments section is the easy and effective way to interactAlso, .
  • Also, Use punch taglines. Moreover, They should be informative and easy to remember.
  • In WordPress websites, users have the flexibility to choose their own design and be creative.
  • Don’t depend on graphics contents too much. They should be used only to promote usability.
  • Researchers pay rich dividends. Do your own research on WordPress websites before starting your own.
  • Pay some attention to the length of blog posts. Make sure that they are short, informative and provide real value to viewers.
  • Using streaming content is an excellent way to share a lot of information. In the very short span of time. Use audio and video content carefully.
  • Don’t try to cover all the topics under the Sun. Your content should only reflect the things that you want to cover.
  • Make your WordPress blog professional by keeping ads as low as possible.
  • Use all the webpage space effectively as this increases readability.
  • Use navigation tools effectively so that user can directly jump from one post to other.
  • The search bar will make the website more user-friendly. Moreover, by using this feature. viewers can directly go to specific posts they wanted to see.
  • In addition, Create great first impression by placing viral and important content on top.
  • Don’t forget to create a dedicated webpage for contact information. By providing correct information. users believe that the website is genuine and secure.
  • In addition to that in wordpress blogs:

  • Never settle for static WordPress designs. Prefer the dynamic ones as they are more responsive.
  • Email subscription is the most effective way to keep users updated.
  • Finally, proofread and preview your content twice before posting it on your WordPress blog.
  • Viewers will take a glance at headlines before reading the whole content. So, use catchy headlines that are relevant to the content.
  • Tons of plug-ins are available for WordPress blogs to make your job easier.
  • CSS styling is crucial to get the appealing look for the website. So, during the design stage put more attention on this.
  • Organize subscribed viewers time to time. Don’t flood their inboxes with a lot of promotional content.
  • Don’t change the website layout and design frequently. Even if you want to update. Don’t deviate much from the previous design.
  • Create a dedicated error page. This will surely make your WordPress website look more professional.
  • Keep menu as header and other vital info like contact information, social buttons, in the footer. This is a proven method for better user experience.
  • Don’t try to satisfy all the viewers. Target specific audience groups to increase viewership and permanent viewers.
  • You can’t successfully run a website if you are dishonest. Try to be honest with viewers and have the courage to admit mistakes (if any).
  • Humour filled fun content is more engaging than serious writings. Offer refreshing content. This will surely attract new audience base for sure.
  • Running contests, giving awards and announcing them directly on your WordPress website. will surely increase your website reach. Moreover, viewers also feel that they are part of the website.
  • Moreover:

  • Make sure that the layout, content, and design of your website is SEO friendly.
  • Don’t blindly follow the footsteps of successful websites. Learn, get inspiration and tips from them.
  • Consistency is the key to success in website business.
  • Don’t forget to include your e-signature on each and every webpage.
  • Test your website on different browsers. Make sure that the website looks good. loads quickly in each and every compatibility test.
  • Most of the WordPress designs are mobile friendly. Don’t forget to test your website on different smartphones and tablets.
  • If your budget permits. develop a dedicated app for the website.
  • Organize your posts by including calendar option which is so easy in WordPress.
  • Use analytic tools as they offer an in-depth review. on behavioral pattern of your website viewers.
  • Finally, join WordPress and relevant blogger communities.

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