sHow to Create Your Own Social Media Graphics Even if you’re not a graphic artist

Do you want to advertise your business using social media platforms? In any case, you need to learn a lot about social media platform you are using. You might be using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other similar social media platform. However, making yourself or your page popular on these platforms is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of skills and patience if you want to achieve your goal. Being an experienced website designer, I have noticed one single thing common in all the successful social media celebrities. All of them have awesome looking social media graphics on their respective pages. Most of people who scroll through their social media feed, prefers to view photos to reading long articles. That is why it is necessary for you to have good graphics for your social media page or profile.

Why should you not waste your time learning difficult social media graphics designing softwares?

Many people assume that they can master graphic designing easily. Nevertheless, their assumptions clear out when they look up the traditional graphic designing softwares (like Adobe Photoshop and GIMP). These softwares are extremely difficult to learn. If you want to learn it then there are official tutorials available on their respective websites. However, mastering all of these softwares requires years of practice. Many people buy courses for learning these softwares faster however, they eventually realize that they just wasted their money. Because most of the courses that are available online are not that helpful and they also ask you practice a lot yourself.

For who is this article?

If you are a businessperson or a normal person who wants to become popular on social media platforms then this article suits you the best. Moreover, if you want to advertise your business online and get new leads (and customers) but do not have the luxury of time then you are at the right place. In other words, if you are a busy person and cannot take out time out of your busy schedule to learn difficult graphic designing softwares, then this article is totally for you. Sometimes, it is better to choose the easy way than the hard way. In this article, I will tell you how you can make professional-looking social media graphics without using typical graphic designing softwares or services.

The best social media graphics design softwares that have a short learning curve

Canva: Canva is the one website that I personally use for most of my graphic designing. It is absolutely fun to use and it has all the features that I need for making jaw-dropping graphics. There are many advantages of using Canva; I have listed them down below:

  • It is free: Using Canva is free and you can use this service without paying a penny. It will give you most of the features for free. However, some of the features of Canva are paid. I use the paid version of Canva as it gives some cool features, which are not available in the free version.

  • It is very easy to operate:

    Learning Canva literally doesn’t require much time and you can get used to it in just a matter of minutes. To be honest, you do not need to learn it, as most of the features are quite obvious to use. I would strongly recommend Canva if you want to make dozens of social media graphics easily.

  • It doesn’t require installation:

    It is a web service and thus it does not require installation. That means you can use Canva on different devices without worrying about installation.

PicMonkey: PicMonkey is one of the best tools for easy graphic designing. It has many benefits of its own. It will provide you with all the basic photo editing tools that you will need for making good social media graphics. PicMonkey has more free features if we compare it to Canva.  Moreover, it also has a Chrome Browser extension, which lets you save the images you stumble up the internet. PicMonkey would be perfect for you if you want an easy and superfast graphic designing web service.

Fotor for social media graphics:

Fotor is a new graphic designing web service. Even though it is quite new, it has many awesome features that you will simply love using. It uses HTML5 that is an awesome feature. You can make beautiful collages, design a magnificent header image for your social media profile/page or edit photos to make them perfect. All of this is possible in Fotor without paying a penny. Fotor is the best graphic designing item for those who want an easy-to-use yet powerful software for themselves.

Adobe Spark for social media graphics: Adobe finally took a practical approach towards visual content. Adobe Spark is a very smooth application that is mainly used for making awesome social media graphics. It is also available on mobile platforms so you can promote your social media content on the go. Just capture a picture on your phone and edit it using Adobe Spark. It might not have as many features as Canva and PicMonkey have, but it has more power and flexibility.

An expert advice on social media graphics creation:

Do not think that by not learning the difficult softwares you are missing on something. I can tell you one thing that learning difficult softwares like Adobe Photoshop would be a total waste of time if you don’t want to become a graphic designer. All the tools that you will need for making cool social media graphics are available in these softwares/websites.

Social media graphics creation

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