Changing Economy

Faced with pay cuts and layoffs, more and more people have actually turned out to be more empowered to start as independent self-employed professionals, service providers, and traders. A salaried position with a huge enterprise is no more a safe and secure alternative as it used to be.

Shift from Employment to Self-Employment

A change in outlook in attitudes towards work and life can be observed, maybe the greatest to happen since the industrial revolution. Presently it’s simpler than ever before to make a career for yourself and abstain from depending on an employer for your scheduled monthly paychecks. An increasing number of individuals are forsaking the workplace and conventional 9-to-5 way of life and moving towards flexible working from home, entrepreneurship, and freelancing. The barriers to entry are negligible, and anyone can get started with an online shop nowadays. With a WordPress site, one can open themselves to financial opportunities well inside reach.

How To Start An Online Shop

Starting your own shop is a fantastic and phenomenal idea. Working for yourself can be testing and rewarding since you can literally watch your hard work have a direct impact on your revenue. Before you can start building an online store and begin adding items, you first require a website. WordPress is perhaps the best site, to begin with. Not only is WordPress sufficiently capable of dealing with a completely functioning web store, but it’s also simple and an affordable choice that can be customized to suit any of your web-based e-commerce needs. To make your venture a successful one, one needs to start with the creation of an online store. Following are a few helpful tips for creating and promoting your own website:

Online Store Solution

WooCommerce is a standout amongst the most prominent solutions for building an online store. Unlike other online store solutions like BigCommerce or Shopify, WooCommerce doesn’t come with any additional costs or a recurring fee such as the transaction charges each time a customer purchases from you. Likewise, getting WooCommerce to work is a great deal more straightforward than incorporating complex web-based shopping cart programming with your web page.  In fact, you can include and configure WooCommerce on your site independently — without any coding abilities or the requirement to hire a software developer.



Buy a domain name and hosting

If you have already picked a hosting website and a domain name and have installed WordPress, proceed to the step of choosing a theme for your web page. If not, then you can opt for Bluehost’s managed WordPress hosting and purchase a domain name from Namecheap. Opting for a managed WordPress hosting implies that the hosting provider will deal with your site’s support, updates, maintenance, and security. By picking a dependable and trustworthy web host like Bluehost, you can disregard these hassles and concentrate exclusively on the business side of your store.

SiteGround accompanies a WordPress+WooCommerce hosting as well, but it would not be recommended to take the plunge now since it will be a little on the steeper side for your pocket at $12.95/month, in comparison to the simple hosting, which costs just $3.95/mo.

Once a domain name and hosting is picked, you have to:

  • Install the WooCommerce plugin and configure the settings
  • Choose a lovely online store theme
  • Add a pack of free or premium WooCommerce addons

Choose A Store Design

Now that you have your core WordPress installation and domain already and prepared, you can experiment with the aesthetics of your website. An excellent part of WordPress is the huge assortment of website design choices accessible through the use of themes. There are a huge number of free themes accessible on with some of them offering e-commerce support, however for more alternatives and more control over the look of your site we suggest picking a premium theme. Not only do premium themes incorporate more design alternatives but most also come with premium help and support and updates from the creator.

Add SSL For A Secure Shopping Experience

Since you are creating an online store, it is critical to buy an SSL certificate. A “secure sockets layer” certificate is the thing that your website uses to set up a safe connection between your server and the client’s browser which is reflected in your URL as “https://” (and regularly will show a green lock symbol as well). Fortunately, SSL is genuinely simple to set up with either Bluehost or WPEngine as the two hosts offer it as a premium add-on while you check out when signing up for hosting.

Add Products

Adding products to WooCommerce is as similar as creating posts, and you can easily add your products along with their title and short descriptions. Once a product content is created you can start with listing the price; it’s SKU, stock status and even more. Further, you can specify a product’s dimensions, weight, etc. using the shipping section and specify a shipping class for it to be able to calculate shipping rates and establish shipping methods. You can also link products which will be suggested to customers browsing a related item and so on. Finally, you can choose the various ways in which your customers can pay you, like Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash On Delivery payment methods.


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