There are millions of creative website templates and blog out there. Most of them probably not as successful as they would like to be. It will take a while for you to become as successful as you would like to be at blogging. However, there are some things that you can do initially to make your blog stand out and make people take notice. Here are seven ways to make your blog stand out in the crowd.



Have Professional Looking creative website templates

Expecting people to stay on your site for any length of time, make your blog as an aesthetically pleasing place to land. Have creative website templates that is fun to go to because it is visually appealing. That does not mean using the rainbow font and a vivid background image that it makes your blog take five whole minutes to load. By visual appealing, we mean to have a balanced and consistent color scheme. Moreover, use appealing images within the color scheme to add to the aesthetic quality of your blog. Don’t have so many advertisements on your blog that it takes away from your blog’s charm.


Use Lots of Pictures and Videos.

Use lots of visual elements. Whether it is video, images, charts, graphs, or whatever, most people like having something to look at besides just text. Do not overdo it. However, you want there to be a healthy balance of text and other visual elements used in your post. And make sure to name any images, video, or media files relevantly. Since, this has a huge effect on the search engine ranking of your blog entries.


Catchy Blog Titles and creative website templates

Title your blog entries in such a way that people can’t resist the urge to click on the link whether they want to or not. You want to get people curiosity up. Make sure, of course, that the title is accurate. Also, you will want to keep your blog entry titles short. If a title is too long to be tweeted, you might want to simplify it a little. And don’t worry if you don’t have a great catchy title in the beginning. Just use working titles until your entry is ready.


Make Your Entries Very Easy to Read.

Use lots of paragraph headings and bullets and just generally anything you can to make your entries readable and organized. If someone lands on your blog and the entry looks like a tornado hit it. Or maybe it just looks like you did not put any thought at all into trying to make your text more digestible, some people will just immediately click away.

Consistency is the Key to Success.

Keep a consistent publishing schedule. You will want to publish frequently and regularly. The more you post, the faster your blog will grow. But you also want to be consistent about when you post. It does not need to be EVERY DAY. But you should definitely have a regular work schedule that you devote to writing for your blog. So that you can ensure that you will be putting quality content out on a regular basis.


Be Yourself.

One thing that definitely stands out about a blogger is whether or not they are truly being themselves in their writing. This ability to be one’s self is not always achievable. You have to be at the right place inside your mind and in your life. But being honest when you write is one way to get a lot out of your blog, and it resonates with people. And during those months and possibly years when no one is stopping by your blog to read it, the fact that you are getting so much out of your blog by it being a genuine expression of where you are in your life, well that will help you not worry so much about who is reading your blog. Because even if no one is reading it, you are still getting something out of it.


Be Unique in choosing creative website templates

Really try to make your blog just about you telling your unique story or writing about something you are very passionate about. In his book, Write Blog Posts People Love, Henri Juntilla talks about the importance of not comparing yourself to others and not worrying if your blog posts are not the best thing ever written. This is why so many people who want to blog, really never get off the ground. They have bought into this notion that there is a particular message they should be conveying or a specific level of expertise that they must have in order for their posts to be valuable and worthwhile to others. This is simply not the case. People who like to read personal blogs want to see the inner turmoil. They like learning about the human soul. So pretty much nothing is irrelevant or not worth blogging about.


In conclusion, with a little effort and self-confidence, you can have an amazing blog through creative website templates that will attract new readers and make you very proud of yourself for all the effort you will put forth in producing it. Just be consistent, be yourself, and cater to the eye. If you follow these rules of thumb, you can’t go wrong.


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