When you first created a blog, you might have struggled with what theme and images you should use to your blog to make it more attractive to visitors. Blog themes and designs depend on what kind of blog you are going to write, or you could also design your blog harmonizing with your personality. If you are a type of person who wants a feminine touch to their blog, then you’ve got the right place to help you with your concern.

When I first made my blog, I made sure that themes and picture would fit well with what I have tried to portray. Aside from this, I also think about my audience. If you are a blog writer and want to do that for business, you don’t just go simply for what you want. You think of what could hook your audience’s attention.

Be reminded that when you started to create your blog, don’t just go for “anything” themes. You have to think about it. That is part of marketing strategy that you should acquire. If you are going to write travel blogs, it would be futile to use chic and feminine themes. Search for travel pictures, and adventurous themes.

If you are going to feminine-style blogs, you could find here great ideas to beautify your blog for free! Here are some of the stock image companies that you can look out for when searching for great images you can use your website.

1. Envato Element

Envato Elements are full of creative images from various photographers. Those photographers are truly talented and creative. They are offering 200,000+ photos. From these wide ranges of photos from Envato Element. Even though this website is professional for taking their photos, they are professional enough to generously give their photos.


I managed to download one of their free scripts.

From time to time, they are posting various images you could use for your marketing niche for free.


This image is only a sample of their feminine photos. You could purchase unlimited photos once you subscribe to their website. Subscribing to their website would not hurt your budget. Other websites are asking for payment for individual photos. Envato Element is much cheaper than other websites.

You only need $29 to subscribe to their websites. For as low as $29, you could get access to different photos, graphics, fonts, graphic templates, web templates, presentation templates, web templates, CMS templates, and 3D models.

On the internet, there are lots of websites offering free and paid photos. So, why do you need stock images from Envato Element? First of all, they offer premium quality of their image products. Some sites have lots of stock images, but the quality is poor. The difference of Envato Element from other websites is that they offer high-quality photos. They focus more on the quality more than the quantity of their photos.

Another thing for choosing Envato Element is that you are sure that you are not going get sued for acquiring illegal or copyright infringement. All images from this stock image market are legit and copyright and from its rightful owners.

You could find everything you need on their website. You could easily search for feminine images by means of searching by subject. You could also search according to the colors you need. If you love to search photos in pink color, you just have to click check on the category at the left part of the screen, and every pink photo will show up.


By using Envato Element, you could have assorted items for your marketing niche. Though this website, you won’t just look for photos, but you could search for other graphic designs for your feminine marketing strategy.

2. PicxClicx

This website generously gives out photos to people. Though, before downloading the stock photos, make sure to read their terms and agreement. Here is one example of their free feminine stock images.


If you want a better photo quality, you can contact them through their website. Aside from this image, they are offering tons of them leaving you with lots of choices.

3. Helene in Between

Helene is giving out free photos through your email address. Just visit her website, and at the bottom of the article, you have to click the box which says “Download.” You could have 15 free photos, and they are truly amazing!


4. Rekita Nicole

Rekita Nicole is an amazing graphic designer, and her Instagram posts are truly amazing! Once you’ve visited her feed, you’ll always search for more. She knows well how to use photography well. The colors of her photos complement each other.

So, if you are looking for great images, Rekita Nicole has free feminine stock images to offer.


You don’t have to register to acquire her images, you can download the images right away for free. If you want to have her feminine stock photos in the library, you could subscribe and add your e-mail address. The photos would go directly to your inbox.

If you are going to use her photos on your blog, please make sure to give a credit. Remember, she is giving out free items to you, and you don’t have to spend any penny for you to have amazing images. Just a simple thank you and appreciation would do. You could show your appreciation by giving credit to her every time you use her pictures.

Do redistribute the photos, or sell it. It is against the law and she might sue you for using her pictures for reselling.

5. Creative Market Stock Images

What I truly love about stock images is that they are offering six free goods every week. Isn’t that great to know? I downloaded some of their goods for free that would definitely add beauty to your website.

If you are looking for picture to show your gratitude with your readers, I found this stock image to Creative Market:


If you are looking for botanica or flowery designs, I have downloaded some of them from Creative Market. Flower images are perfect for feminine designs. This stock image includes these pictures:



These are only a few pieces of Creative Market images. Looking at some reviews, this is one of the most sought for graphic designs. If you are creating a blog, but you lack graphic design talent, you don’t need to worry or hassle around for training.

Creating an advertisement, logos, blog designs, and other images for occasion purposes is not easy to do especially when you are just newbie. The creative market has too much to offer for you so that you won’t need for extra effort to make that job done.

Creative Market is the marketplace, and graphic designers are working hard together to bring you the best templates, images, and other designs. If you are newbie entrepreneur, you might want to start off with making your own designs than to buy images from stock image markets. If this is the case, you don’t need to make your own design or buy images, for you can wait for free photos given by this company.

Another reason for availing Creative Market images is that you could have many choices for your websites. For feminine stock images, they offer high-quality images. You could search for other sources that offer free pictures, but you are not sure whether the photos have copyright infringement, or they are low quality.

6. Wonderlass

Wonderlass is offering 15 free feminine stock images to beautify your blog. You won’t pay for anything to purchase them. They are giving it all for free! Just show a simple gratitude by using giving out credits to them when you use their images on your social media or your blogs. The owner is not asking for credit, but it is a great way to say thank you to them and it is also the best way to promote her images.




                              What do you have to do to get these 15 free images? You’ll just simply subscribe to their website. Type your name and email address. As soon as you enter, 15 photos would be sent to your email address immediately.

Just be aware that even the owner of these photos is giving the images for free, usage of these photos has limits. Redistribution or selling these photos is highly prohibited. You’ll have to compensate for breaking the limit, and you don’t want to pay for breaking the rules.


7. Jacque of All Trades

                      Just hearing the website name, you’ll get the idea that they are offering various kinds of photos. But they focus more on feminine and cute stock images. They are also giving it out for free! If you are going to buy from other stock image websites, you’ll see that the photos are quite expensive. If you are just a newbie, it is best to stick first to a safer side.

Free images are everywhere. One website you could visit is the Jacque of All Trades.


Even though she is giving free photos, she is selling the best ones. So, if you want to buy few stock photos, you can contact her to her official website.

8.Gold and Berry

Let us look out for the unique ones. Being feminine doesn’t mean that you always go with pink images, you could also choose unique colors like gold, black, and white. Combining them at the right place, and using them in a complementary way, that would look so awesome!


                      One great thing about this website is that you could look for great photos to improvise your website. Improvising your blog is not an easy thing. You need to search photos that would totally fit in with what you want to portray. You have to search photos that would cause you any trouble.

Don’t worry, this website has copyright and legally owned by its rightful owner. Using the photos with the owner’s permission will allow you to use the pictures. The graphic design is amazing and beautiful. If you are a female entrepreneur and you are proving feminine blog, this would be the perfect design for you.

You don’t have to register to get freebies from the website. You can download it directly. But if you want to have updated and receive freebies regularly, subscribe by typing your name and email address. The would notify you by sending you messages through your inbox.

For copyright purposes, you should be discreet enough by using the website. Even though the owner is not asking for any payment, she still has the right to the photos. Do not redistribute the photos or sell it by any means.

9. Kreanille Design

For great stock photos, they are giving out images for free from time to time. Annamari is the founder of this website. She is a great web designer and definitely a great graphic designer. From her blog. You could learn so many things especially about how to improve your website.

You don’t have to register to get free photos. But if you want to receive freebies from her from time to time, it is best to give your name and email address. She would send it directly to your inbox.

For the rights of each photo, you could them for your blogs, social media, personal uses, but you couldn’t redistribute it or sell it to others. That is a violation. You could be sued if you do illegal activities.

10. Styled Stock Society Images

Styled Stock Society is your new home for feminine images. This is a perfect choice, and their images are truly the best choice for your theme! From cute photos to feminine images, they have great photos to showcase.

                      As soon as you started to visit their websites, you’ll see great images that would beam to your sight. Female entrepreneurs are everywhere and need amazing photos to harmonize with they want to achieve to their website. You might be one of them!


Why do you need to put photos to your website?

That is another question you might ask. Photos are important to make your websites look intriguing and attractive. When it comes to your blog, it is not only about the content. Even how much effort you put into your article, if the designs are less appealing, people would probably click the return button.

Entice their eyes by buying great photos, availing free images, and putting complementary photos to your topic. Bloggers won’t probably spend money for photos if these photos are not included in marketing strategy. Yes, photos are for marketing strategy, and if you want your feminine themed blogs to grow, you should add more colors, and feminine photos for it to look good on the eyes of others.


Happy blogging, bloggers! Use these amazing free stock images, and welcome new readers!


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