Hi! Welcome To My Blog

I am a web designer, and Illustrator. Despite having degrees in Interior Design and Nursing, I pursued this career because designing has always been my passion. I love designing and creating beautiful things and this fuels me to do something awesome . I also enjoy reading several inspiring blogs and it has always been my pleasure to share what I’ve learned from great influencers.

Design is where science and art break even

Through this website that I made, my goal now is to help bloggers and entrepreneurs in doing the same thing––minus all the hassle! You don’t need to code and you don’t need to be technical too. I can teach you how =)

Why I created this blog


  • My cup is always empty (I always wanted to learn from the experts) and pay-it-forward.  I trained myself for many years on how to create high converting websites. Enrolled in courses that I think would improve myself more and share with the world.  
  • I can help you monetize your website––by building traffic, creating products that will sell, establishing affiliate marketing, Create websites that will not only be beautiful but they shall guarantee profit-generation as well. and so on.
  • I am also capable of creating wonderful website elements including social media banners, pre made logos and kits. These will further liven up your website and make it pleasing to the eyes of the viewer.

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The Blog Creative accepts paid advertising banners and some contextual affiliate links. An affiliate link means that I receive a commission on sales of the products that are linked to in my posts. So if you click on a link and make a purchase from an affiliate site, then I may make a commission from that purchase. Please note that all opinions expressed are my own and that all of the products I mention are from companies I know and trust. Read full disclosure statement + privacy policy.

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