10 Free Feminine Stock images to Beautify Your Blog

10 Free Feminine Stock images to Beautify Your Blog

If you are a woman who wanted to start a blog and choose to have a feminine touch, I am pretty sure you might be looking for a great feminine aura on your website. 

Most of the time, If I am looking for any images that would fit my blog, I make sure that I do not put images that just have these super clean-cut people in front of a white background, which we called them “Cheesy”. But some, of course, apply for websites that are in the Marketing Niche.

I think using cheesy images seemed so old school, stale, and boring. So I seldom use cheesy stock photos for my website design projects.

In my blog, since I am catering services for female bloggers and entrepreneurs. I would like to add a more feminine touch to my images. 

So I have compiled and researched some places from the internet where you can get free styled stock photos that you can use for your blog and creative projects.

Here are my top 10 free-feminine stock images and their websites links to help you – the woman entrepreneur, blogger, and creative professional – easily and affordably create gorgeous graphics that will captivate your ideal clients.

“Create a beautiful brand that will capture the attention of your clients and make them see the value of your work

When you first created a blog, you might have struggled with what theme and images you should use to your blog to make it more attractive to visitors. Blog themes and designs depend on what kind of blog you are going to write, or you could also design your blog harmonizing with your personality. If you are a type of person who wants a feminine touch to their blog, then you’ve got the right place to help you with your concern.

When I first made my blog, I made sure that themes and picture would fit well with what I have tried to portray. Aside from this, I also think about my audience. If you are a blog writer and want to do that for business, you don’t just go simply for what you want. You think of what could hook your audience’s attention.

Be reminded that when you started to create your blog, don’t just go for “anything” themes. You have to think about it. That is part of marketing strategy that you should acquire. If you are going to write travel blogs, it would be futile to use chic and feminine themes. Search for travel pictures, and adventurous themes.

If you are going to feminine-style blogs, you could find here great ideas to beautify your blog for free! Here are some of the stock image companies that you can look out for when searching for great images you can use your website.

Envato Elements are full of creative images from various photographers. Those photographers are truly talented and creative. They are offering 200,000+ photos. From these wide ranges of photos from Envato Element. Even though this website is professional for taking their photos, they are professional enough to generously give their photos.

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Seven Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out in The Crowd

Seven Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out in The Crowd

There are millions of blogs out there. Most of them probably not as successful as they would like to be. It will take a while for you to become as successful as you would like to be at blogging, but there are some things that you can do initially to make your blog stand out and make people take notice. Here are seven ways to make your blog stand out in the crowd.


Have a Professional Looking Site.

If you expect people to stay on your site for any length of time, you want to make your blog as an aesthetically pleasing place to land. Have a site that is fun to go to because it is visually appealing. That does not mean using the rainbow font and a background image that is so vivid that it makes your blog take five whole minutes to load. By visual appealing, we mean to have a balanced and consistent color scheme and use appealing images within the color scheme to add to the aesthetic quality of your blog. Don’t have so many advertisements on your blog that it takes away from your blog’s charm.


Use Lots of Pictures and Videos.

Use lots of visual elements. Whether it is video, images, charts, graphs, or whatever, most people like having something to look at besides just text. Do not overdo it but you want there to be a healthy balance of text and other visual elements used in your post. And make sure to name any images, video, or media files relevantly as this has a huge effect on the search engine ranking of your blog entries.


Catchy Blog Titles

Title your blog entries in such a way that people can’t resist the urge to click on the link whether they want to or not. You want to get people curiosity up. Make sure, of course, that the title is accurate. Also, you will want to keep your blog entry titles short. If a title is too long to be tweeted, you might want to simplify it a little. And don’t worry if you don’t have a great catchy title in the beginning. Just use working titles until your entry is ready.


Make Your Entries Very Easy to Read.

Use lots of paragraph headings and bullets and just generally anything you can to make your entries readable and organized. If someone lands on your blog and the entry looks like a tornado hit it, or maybe it just looks like you did not put any thought at all into trying to make your text more digestible, some people will just immediately click away.


Consistency is the Key to Success.

Keep a consistent publishing schedule. You will want to publish frequently and regularly. The more you post, the faster your blog will grow. But you also want to be consistent about when you post. It does not need to be EVERY DAY. But you should definitely have a regular work schedule that you devote to writing for your blog so that you can ensure that you will be putting quality content out on a regular basis.


Be Yourself.

One thing that definitely stands out about a blogger is whether or not they are truly being themselves in their writing. This ability to be one’s self is not always achievable. You have to be at the right place inside your mind and in your life. But being honest when you write is one way to get a lot out of your blog, and it resonates with people. And during those months and possibly years when no one is stopping by your blog to read it, the fact that you are getting so much out of your blog by it being a genuine expression of where you are in your life, well that will help you not worry so much about who is reading your blog. Because even if no one is reading it, you are still getting something out of it.


Be Unique

Really try to make your blog just about you telling your unique story or writing about something you are very passionate about. In his book, Write Blog Posts People Love, Henri Juntilla talks about the importance of not comparing yourself to others and not worrying if your blog posts are not the best thing ever written. This is why so many people who want to blog, really never get off the ground. They have bought into this notion that there is a particular message they should be conveying or a specific level of expertise that they must have in order for their posts to be valuable and worthwhile to others. This is simply not the case. People who like to read personal blogs want to see the inner turmoil. They like learning about the human soul. So pretty much nothing is irrelevant or not worth blogging about.


In conclusion, with a little effort and self-confidence, you can have an amazing blog that will attract new readers and make you very proud of yourself for all the effort you will put forth in producing it. Just be consistent, be yourself, and cater to the eye. If you follow these rules of thumb, you can’t go wrong.

How to Brand Your WordPress Blog: 50 Tutorials and Pro Tips

How to Brand Your WordPress Blog: 50 Tutorials and Pro Tips

Maintaining WordPress blog is convenient and easy, and that’s the reason why even those who didn’t have much experience in handling back-end of the websites are also effectively handling WordPress websites these days. For the WordPress bloggers, here are some tips to run your website successfully.


  • Use a dedicated logo on your WordPress website. To create better impact, place it in the top left corner.
  • Several WordPress templates are available for free and choose the one that best suits your requirements.
  • Colour theme of the website should match with the functionality of the website.
  • WordPress websites are convenient to use a lot of images and use this functionality properly.
  • Use sharp images with high color contrast and high resolution. Blur and watermarked images will look cheap and awkward.
  • Updating your WordPress website is crucial to becoming popular and successful. No user visits the website to see the same content twice.
  • Use favorite and featured icons on top as this will make the navigation better.
  • Use sidebars effectively and in WordPress, one can also choose from dynamic widgets and banners.
  • Fonts and font size also play an important role in website success. Prefer fonts, text colors that are easy to read and do some research on typography.
  • Don’t forget to include your social media links and make sure that all these accounts look professional.
  • It is always a good idea to have your own brand instead of abcwebsite.wordpress.com
  • Be careful while choosing your website domain name. It should look professional but needs to be short.
  • Viewers must have the flexibility to share their opinion and comments section is the easy and effective way to interact.
  • Use punch taglines. They should be informative and easy to remember.
  • In WordPress websites, users have the flexibility to choose their own design and be creative.
  • Don’t depend on graphics contents too much and they should be used only to promote usability.
  • Researchers pay rich dividends and do your own research on WordPress websites before starting your own.
  • Pay some attention to the length of blog posts and make sure that they are short, informative and provide real value to viewers.
  • Using streaming content is an excellent way to share a lot of information in the very short span of time and use audio and video content carefully.
  • Don’t try to cover all the topics under the Sun. Your content should only reflect the things that you want to cover.
  • Make your WordPress website professional by keeping ads as low as possible.
  • Use all the webpage space effectively as this increases readability.
  • Use navigation tools effectively so that user can directly jump from one post to other.
  • The search bar will make the website more user-friendly, and by using this feature, viewers can directly go to specific posts they wanted to see.
  • Create great first impression by placing viral and important content on top.
  • Don’t forget to create a dedicated webpage for contact information. By providing correct information, users believe that the website is genuine and secure.
  • Never settle for static WordPress designs and prefer the dynamic ones as they are more responsive.
  • Email subscription is the most effective way to keep users updated.
  • Finally, proofread and preview your content twice before posting it on your WordPress blog.
  • Viewers will take a glance at headlines before reading the whole content. So, use catchy headlines that are relevant to the content.
  • Tons of plug-ins are available for WordPress websites to make your job easier.
  • CSS styling is crucial to get the appealing look for the website. So, during the design stage put more attention on this.
  • Organize subscribed viewers time to time and don’t flood their inboxes with a lot of promotional content.
  • Don’t change the website layout and design frequently. Even if you want to update, don’t deviate much from the previous design.
  • Create a dedicated error page, and this will surely make your WordPress website look more professional.
  • Keep menu as header and other vital info like contact information, social buttons, in the footer. This is a proven method for better user experience.
  • Don’t try to satisfy all the viewers and target specific audience groups to increase viewership and permanent viewers.
  • You can’t successfully run a website if you are dishonest. Try to be honest with viewers and have the courage to admit mistakes (if any).
  • Humour filled fun content is more engaging than serious writings. Offer refreshing content, and this will surely attract new audience base for sure.
  • Running contests, giving awards and announcing them directly on your WordPress website will surely increase your website reach and viewers also feel that they are part of the website.
  • Make sure that the layout, content, and design of your website is SEO friendly.
  • Don’t blindly follow the footsteps of successful websites but learn, get inspiration and tips from them.
  • Consistency is the key to success in website business.
  • Don’t forget to include your e-signature on each and every webpage.
  • Test your website on different browsers and make sure that the website looks good and loads quickly in each and every compatibility test.
  • Most of the WordPress designs are mobile friendly and don’t forget to test your website on different smartphones and tablets.
  • If your budget permits, develop a dedicated app for the website.
  • Organize your posts by including calendar option which is so easy in WordPress.
  • Use analytic tools as they offer an in-depth review on behavioral pattern of your website viewers.
  • Finally, join WordPress and relevant blogger communities.

How Homepage Character Can Affect Your Success

How Homepage Character Can Affect Your Success

If the homepage or start page looks good and informative, users will spend their time in glancing the website or else; they will simply switch to other websites. As the number of websites is increasing exponentially, it became very difficult to convert occasional viewers into regular visitors. Here are some tips to improve homepage characteristics which indirectly lead to website success.


More than 70% of growing websites use Sans-Serif font on their homepage. Never mess with font colors and use dark black as it provides improved readability on low-resolution screens also. If you want to stand out from the crowd, use popular and legible fonts like Open-Sans, Helvetica or Arial. It is always better to provide content throughout the web page in the same font. One can use different fonts and colors to highlight important points, but such emphasis should be very limited.

Short Messages:

Don’t try to show all your creativity within the home page itself. Use only short paragraphs and prefer creative images. Learn tips from famous websites and note that all the popular websites like Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook use very fewer words on their homepage. Website analytics tools also repeatedly proved that the website homepage is having shorter messages have more chances of becoming a success.

It is always better to explain the theme of the website on the homepage itself and use navigation links to redirect users to other web pages. Try to convey your message in lesser words on the homepage and you can create dedicated web pages to explain the same message more elaborately.

Keep Bandwidth In Mind:

Try to keep your website homepage as simple as possible. If you use lots of graphics and animations, website loading time will increase, and this irritates users. Try to limit the size of the homepage so that viewers using slow internet connection also won’t face any problems in loading. Note that simpler homepages load faster and try to minimize the animations in homepage without compromising on quality and features. If you are using images, try to reduce their size without compromising on quality so that the websites can load faster. 

Simple And Fresh Design:

Website homepage shouldn’t put much strain on viewer’s eyes, and the designers should be made responsible for that. The homepage design should be simple and use color contrast intelligently so that users can spend much time on the homepage. Adapting the most popular homepage design layout is a safe bet. But use your own creativity and make simple changes to the design so that it looks fresh and unique. Make sure that the design and icons present on the homepage serve their purpose effectively.

Easy To Scan:

You can publish tons of useful articles on the website but viewers don’t spend time on reading each and every post. They will just take a glimpse and move on to the other. So to grab the attention of the viewers, all the content present in the website should be easy to scan. Using subheadings and highlighting important points are the most preferred methods to grab immediate attention of users and these are already proven methods.

Targeted Audience:

Website homepage should be designed keeping the target audience in mind. If your website is about selling herbal products, your homepage should directly display it with possibly green theme or layout. Logos and images present in the homepage should be in sync with the website theme. Keep users requirements in mind while designing the website and make sure that your website offers utmost benefit to each and every targeted audience. Website homepage should be responsive, and some of the useful options are newsletter subscription, sign-up, login, etc. Try to include all these options in the website homepage to offer better services.


Your homepage should be SEO friendly, and this plays a crucial role in website’s success. Search Engine Optimized websites come top in search engine results, and this increases viewership. Users are more interested in the top results compared to search results in the 10th or 12th page. Use Google’s KW tool extensively and make sure to fill up all the back-end details like meta information. Link building and promoting the website on social media platforms will also offer better page ranks in the search engine results.

Long-term Business:

No website can become popular within a day or month. It takes a lot of continuous effort and dedication to successfully run a website for longer periods of time. The layout of the website homepage may look similar, but the content needs to be updated daily. Fresh and valuable content attract lots of new users, and this is the simplest way to run a successful website. Maintaining a successful website is a continuous process and research on the things that are getting higher viewership and promote them by highlighting on the homepage. Keep an eye on the analytical tools to observe changes in users search patterns.

Responsive Navigation:

The trend of static websites was over, and if you really want to make a successful website, it needs to be dynamic and responsive. Users should have the flexibility to directly view the web page they want to visit without coming to homepage every time. Forms, radio buttons, text fields, comments are some of the useful ways to engage viewers and never hesitate to follow the good suggestions given by users. The navigation menu shouldn’t be clumsy, and several free tools are available to make the website navigation better and easier.

How to Choose the Best Colours for Your Brand

How to Choose the Best Colours for Your Brand

Design and color combinations of the product play an important role in its success. Vibrant and sharp colors will immediately create a positive impact on viewers mind, and these impressions will remain for a very long time. So, those who want to create an influential and popular brand should focus on choosing the best colors that suit their brand. Here are some useful tips to choose best colors for your brand.


It is compulsory to use artistic colors if you really want to create some sort of magic in the international arena. Though we didn’t observe, most of the logs we generally see daily are extremely artistic in nature. Be it Apple Inc. logo or Microsoft logo; all the reputed companies spend a considerable amount of time and money in selecting visually appealing bright colors. For example, our mind immediately gets connected with an animated movie directed in bright colors compared to the poor and dull presentation. So, be artistic in choosing colors and make it big.


Try to know the hidden meanings infamous logos, and you will be amazed after knowing the secrets behind regularly seen logos. Try to incorporate the theme of your business in the logo and hide it within the logo. Colour combination is an excellent tool to convey your messages and use it to display your free flow of thoughts. Also, remember not to overcomplicate things in the name of creativity.

Real Colours:

Users will immediately get connected to logos if the colors used in them are regularly seen by them. That’s the reason why all the famous logos generally use regularly seen colors like Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, etc. In the name of creativity, if you try to use a new set of colors, users will get irritated as they are not commonly used to it and this will create a permanent bad impression. So, use traditional colors but be artistic and creative in your approach.

Photoshop And Other Tools:

Have some knowledge on creative tools developed by famous companies like Adobe, Sony, Apple Inc., etc. All these tools are easy to use, and most of the creative designers prefer Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Do some research on these tools so that you can communicate your ideas better to the designer. Also, if you are on a really tight budget, you can design your own logo in vibrant colors with the help of these tools.

Know About Colours:

Every color has its own significance and do some research on colors before including them in your branding logo.

  • Red symbolizes anger, aggressiveness, and deep passion. Red also signifies maturity in approach. Coca-Cola and Xerox are some of the famous examples.
  • Green symbolizes environmental friendliness, prosperity and most of the herbal products use green in their logo. Finance and money related institutions also prefer the light shade of green. Nvidia, Animal Planet, Android logo, some popular examples.
  • Orange looks pleasant, and those who prefer the less aggressive approach in their design often choose Orange. Blogger, Rockstar Games, incorporated Orange in their logo design.
  • Blue is one of the most commonly used colors, and it symbolizes seriousness in approach and trustworthiness. Facebook, Intel, NASA, are some known examples.
  • Feminine and luxurious logos usually prefer Purple color. Orkut, Yahoo predominantly used Purple in their logo designs.
  • Pink is usually preferred by product manufacturers targeting modern girls. Barbie, Baskin Robbins, used Pink in their logo design.
  • Budget-friendly products usually use Yellow in their logo design. Bestbuy, Yellowpages, are some commonly seen examples
  • Classic colors never go out of fashion. Black and White look traditional yet classic.

Prefer Global Colours:

It is always better to use global colors than local colors if you want to make it big really. Universally accepted colors and the colors that are not associated with any particular religion should be used if you want to make your presence felt. Colours used in branding should immediately create a positive impact on user’s mind, and this will surely help in spreading positive mouth talk. Keep different cultural connotations in mind while choosing color combinations.

Shape And Design:

Along with color combinations, shape and design of the logo are also very important. Some companies like HBO, IBM tried monogram logos whereas some companies like Apple Inc. used pictorial representation to become popular. Abstract geometric forms are used as logos by Pepsi, Adidas, Nike, etc. Mascots and emblems will remain in viewers mind for a very long time, and that’s the reason why companies like KFC, Starbucks still use them. Some companies use the combination of the above to create better impact, and BurgerKing and Lacoste are the best examples in that category.


Have you ever closely observed the logs of automobile manufactures Ford and LandRover? Both the logs are oval in shape, and only the color palette looks different. In both the logos, company names are surrounded by three oval shaped rings. Similarly, the colors used in Google, Microsoft Windows logo, eBay are the same. So, if you also want to make it big, there is nothing wrong in taking inspiration from these famous logos. But you need to include your own mark in the design or else; your logo will just remain as a cheap duplicate to the original.


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