Canva Elite Bundle for Business Coaches & Course Gurus



Unlock Creative Brilliance with the Canva Elite Bundle – Exclusively for Business Coaches & Course Gurus! Includes 3000+ Canva Templates

Dive into a world of unparalleled design with our Canva Elite Bundle, crafted meticulously for business coaches and course creators. Our bundle is a treasure trove of 2541 templates, plus an extra 530 bonus templates, designed to elevate your branding and course materials to elite status.

What’s Inside?

  • 180 Ebook & Workbook Templates: Transform your content with stunning designs.
  • 40 Webinar & Course Slide Decks: Engage your audience with visually appealing presentations.
  • 38 Client Welcome Guides: Make a great first impression.
  • 25 Coaching Logos: Brand your business with a unique identity.
  • Trifold Brochures: In black and white, perfect for impactful handouts.
  • Instagram Mastery: 100 posts and carousels in striking black and white, 70 stories for engagement, and 120 testimonial templates.
  • 45 Pinterest Marketing Kits: Boost your online presence.
  • 20 Course Certificates: Recognize achievements with style.
  • 30 Certification Badges & 30 Course Module Images: Add professionalism to your courses.
  • 25 Thank You Cards & 20 Business Cards: Network and connect with a personal touch.
  • Digital Marketing Essentials: 140 Facebook and Instagram posts, 18 Instagram puzzles, 140 Twitter and Patreon posts, 120 sales and promotional templates.
  • 1 Sales & Landing Page Template: Convert visitors into clients.
  • 50 Email Newsletters & 20 Email Signatures: Communicate with impact.
  • 300+ Quotes: Inspire daily with 365 motivational and 300 inspirational quotes.
  • Digital Mockups & Media Kits: Present your products and media presence elegantly.
  • Bonus Templates: Bonus Templates (530 Templates)

    164 Ecommerce Email Newsletter
    6-Pages Minimalist Canva Resume Page Template, Portfolio Website
    100 Social Media Pack
    62 Self Care Planner Template
    62 Financial Planner Template
    50 Wellness Planner Template
    86 Mindfulness Planner Template

Preview our eye-catching templates Here:

Transform Your Coaching Experience! – The Canva Elite Bundle isn’t just a collection of templates; it’s a key to a realm of endless creativity and sophistication. Ideal for business coaches and course experts who aim to captivate and motivate their audience. Embrace this toolkit to not only enhance your materials but also to ignite inspiration in every course you create!

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