Do you have a goal in mind? Whether it be something you want to manifest or something you want to overcome,
the Law of Attraction is one of the most important things you can use to help you achieve it.
With this law of Attraction Ebook template, you can create your own eBook, and make it as easy to change the font,
colors and other elements directly from Canva.


3 Cover Page Design
2 Table of Contents
2 Welcome /Introduction Page
1 Mission and Vision
4 Overview of the Course
1 Objectives Page
5 Steps Page
1 Our Team
6 Chapter Cover page
42 Content Pages
3 Testimonials / Quotes Page
6 Images / Gallery Pages
1 Resources List
3 CTA pages
2 Thank you Pages
1 Bonuses Page
1 Upsell Page
1 Disclaimer


❤️ All photos and mockups used in the listing pictures DO NOT come with the actual template. You can get free stock images on Canva and places like Unsplash.

😬 You are allowed to share & redistribute the finished template in pdf/jpeg/png format for any desired purpose. As long as it is a finished product and that you are not actually sharing the template for other people to edit. You can create opt-in freebies, lead magnets for clients, or a workbook for your amazing course.

😬 You cannot share this template or redistribute the editable template. You need to add your OWN content.

😬 You cannot resell this template as your own or monetize any aspect of this template

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♡ Cecille

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