Rose Gold Chic 41 pages Course Creator, Webinar Slide Deck Template



Making your first ever online course seems a bit difficult to do especially for beginners. No need to spend hours designing your own gorgeous slide deck! Here’s the solution to your problem =)

These 41, designed-for-you Canva Slide Deck templates are perfect for COURSE CREATORS.

You’ll have a stunning and professionally designed webinar in a matter of a couple hours, NOT DAYS!

With this slide deck template, you can easily create your course through Canva with the templates provided. It’s made effortless with the drag-and-drop concept that all you have to do is insert images and the text content of your lessons. Voila! You now have a professionally-designed presentation made within a short amount of time.

It’s one thing for you to be satisfied with what you have come up with the content for your presentation. It’s another thing for you to worry about its design that will complement the content.

But how on earth do you that without spending so much money and wasting too much time?

That’s why these Slide Deck Templates for Canva are here!



3 cover pages
2 Introduction Page
1 team page
1 About
1 module Overview Page
15 Topics/Discussions Page
3 Testimonials Page
1 Product Comparison Page
4 Charts pages
4 Presentation with mock up
1 webinar summary page
1 question and answer
1 Course presentation
1 Bonuses Page
1 Payment Option
1 Thank you Page
41 unique elements (you will get a lifetime update for the templates)
Fully editable in Canva

With 41 of different styles to choose from, your slide deck can nail the concept it is going for. Everything is specially preset for you so you can easily squeeze in your photos, text, and other content into the template.

Thanks to Canva’s efficiency, your perfectly-made slide deck for Canva will be out in the shortest amount of time with a bigger chance of getting all the great feedbacks, growing your subscriber list, and earning much more than you expect!

The designing part is done for you.

These templates will do the work boosting the aesthetics of your product making it look professionally-made and pushing up its conversion rate.

With the extra time in your hands, your product will be an instant hit.


NO REFUNDS shall be issued as this is a digital listing. In case you have problems with access or any other issue, please contact me so I can assist you.

However, actual distribution, modification, and selling of any part or of the entire template are strictly forbidden.

This template can only be customized through Canva. You may download them in PDF format.


CANVA (Paid or Free)


Kindly review the information you have entered especially your email. Your digital template shall be sent to your email.

Once payment is confirmed, the download link shall be enclosed in the email that you will be receiving. It is also included on the Thank You page

Download the attached PDF file.

Inside the PDF file, you can access the Canva link to edit and always makes sure to MAKE A COPY before you edit.

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