Self-Care Series: Canva Instagram Template Pack, Charts and Graphs, Self Help Infographics, Self Care, Self Love



Introducing our Mental Health Self Care Love Canva Instagram Template! Elevate your social media game and spread the message of self-care and love through this beautifully designed template. Ideal for mental health advocates, therapists, or simply anyone passionate about promoting wellness. With its eye-catching colors and elegant fonts, this template will effortlessly bring positivity and mindfulness to your Instagram feed. Customize with your own images and quotes, and let your posts inspire others on their own self-care journey. Boost engagement and create a calming online space filled with love and positivity. Spread the message of mental health awareness with our incredible Canva Instagram Template today!

WHAT YOU’LL GET: 50 Instagram Post


  • You are allowed to share & redistribute the finished template in ONLY on pdf/jpeg/png format for any desired purpose. As long as it is a finished product and you are NOT actually sharing the template for other people to edit.
  • You cannot share this template or redistribute the editable “Canva” template.
  • You cannot resell this template as your own or monetize any aspect of this template
  • You will receive a pdf. Inside the pdf contains the direct download LINK to your Canva templates. You will be able to easily switch out the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding. Quickly and easily use this drag-and-drop builder to create stunning templates at a low cost!

If you have any questions, concerns, or hesitations, please feel free to reach out! I’d love to hear from you.


FREE 15-Pages Canva Ebook template.

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