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Being a teacher is a busy profession. There are times when you get stressed. Now you can rest easy because we have something in store for you. Check out our Customizable Canva Teacher Planner Template to help you with your job. Carefully manage your school responsibilities with it. You may also write your lesson plans for the week on this planner. Also, you can handle your schedule, manage your students’ list, and remind yourself of the important dates in school on the planner. With all the convenience it entails we highly recommend it! Download and use this anytime now!

Available in US letter size, A4 size, and A5 size.


3 Cover Designs
2 Schedule Page
2 Weekly Attendance
3 Daily Lesson Plan
2 Weekly Lesson Plan
2 Monthly Calendar
2 Grade Tracker
2 Birthday Tracker
2 Birthday Theme
3 Notes
3 Student Information
Weekly Class Goals
School Holidays
Student Contact
Class Schedule
2 T0-do-list
Productivity Tracker
2 Class Instructor Details
Weekly Lesson Plan
Daily Schedule Plan
Classroom Expense Tracker
Year at a Glance
Smart Goals
Personal Reflection
Subject Catalogue
Class Time Table
Exam Page
Assignment Planner
Assignment Reading
Goals Planner
Weekly Schedule Planner
Monthly Schedule Planner
Assignment Planner
Group Project Planner
How was my day?
5 Lesson Planner
Attendance Log
For the substitute
Lifetime updates


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